Our Mission

Sucasa exists to improve access to homeownership for Australian families. We do this by providing simple, fair, low deposit home loans

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Why we launched Sucasa

Our journey began when we realised our friends were being divided into the homeownership ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Not because of how hard they worked, the jobs they had, or even whether they were good borrowers or great savers, but primarily based on whether they had access to the Bank of Mum & Dad.

As first and second-generation Australians, 'the lucky country' is more than just a phrase. It's our lived experience. We're beneficiaries of the Australian 'Fair Go' in every sense. We've had access to opportunity, independently of who we are, where we came from, and perhaps most importantly, who our parents are. We think the 'Fair Go' has gone missing from homeownership, and we're determined to help more Australians unlock the dream of owning their Castle*.

We started Sucasa to help you (hard-working, talented Australian's) make the house you live in, your home (or Su Casa**). We’ve focused on removing fees, reducing upfront costs (your deposit) and optimising loans for young Australian families. We’re thrilled you’re here and would love to be part of your home ownership story.

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**Spanish for ‘your home’

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High Integrity

Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We’ll work to earn the trust of our customers, colleagues and partners



Sucasa is for optimists. We’re optimistic about technology and the future. Most importantly, we're optimistic about our customers - Australia's best and brightest


Customer Centric

We put the best long term financial interests of our customers first


First Principles

We aren’t carried by inertia and convention. We believe in testing assumptions and thinking with rigour from first principles


We’re always looking for talented, hard-working people who are keen to help realise the Sucasa mission. If this sounds like you, reach out!

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