The best way to buy a home if you don’t have a “full” 20% deposit

A suite of products to  get you into your home sooner. Lending eligibility criteria applies.
Our products are designed for borrowers looking for an 80-98% LVR home loan.
Our suite of products will benefit you, regardless of whether you are deposit or serviceability constrained.
Regardless of your choice – all our loans have lower upfront fees than any other loan that requires LMI at the same LVR. Lending eligibility criteria applies.

Low Rates - Up to 98% LVR

A head turning rate that helps you get into your home sooner.

Ultra Low Rate - Variable

6.30% p.a.
Interest Rate*
6.63% p.a.
Comparison rate**
Low Deposit     borrow up to 98% LVR     
Low Upfront Costs    get into your home sooner.
No income or price limits    we’re not a government scheme
No equity sharing    keep all your capital gains
No need to burden Mum and Dad    no guarantors required
Unlimited pre-payments    pay down your loan faster
Free online redraw    on any additional repayments for primary loan
*For purchases up to $2.5m with a Sucasa Primary and Ultra Low-Rate Accelerator Variable Home Loan. Higher rates may apply for property prices above $2.5m. Upfront costs apply in addition to the interest rate.
If you find a lower LMI offer, we’ll beat it and give you $1,000 Cash!*
*Applies to a comparable 85-98% LVR variable owner occupier home loan of the same size with a comparable interest rate to the product being compared.
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Some of the reasons you'll love us

We’ve built a home loan product that we would recommend to our friends and family. Here’s just a few reasons why you’ll love a Sucasa loan

Low Deposit

Borrow up to 98% LVR, depending on your circumstances.

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Low Rates

Competitive low rates. Our customers choose us over the banks because we save them thousands of dollars

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Lower Upfront Costs

A suite of products which lower upfront costs. Make the most of your savings and get into your home sooner

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No Income Caps or price limits

We’re not a government scheme. We’re a business backing hard-working Australians for the decades to come!

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No equity sharing or guarantors

Build your wealth by keeping all your capital gains. No family guarantees required. Give yourself the best chance to avoid using the Bank of Mum and Dad

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A dedicated Sucasa Concierge

You'll have a specific person, your Home Buying Concierge, to guide you through the whole home-buying journey – all the way from Application to Settlement

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Free unlimited extra repayments

No fees for additional repayments or early prepayment. Pay your loan down at your speed, no additional charges.

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No Pesky Fees

Save with Sucasa by missing out on pesky fees. $0 Monthly Fees, $0 Application Fee, $0 Annual Fees.

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How are Sucasa loans structured?

Simple. We provide you with two home loans which allows us to give you the best options possible.
Primary Loan
A larger loan for 70-80% of the value of the property
Accelerator Loan
A smaller loan for the remainder of the property value
Primary Loan
Larger loan for 70-80% of the value of the property
Accelerator Loan
A smaller loan for the remainder of the property value

Where to next?

Explore what we have to offer, so you can make smarter decisions.

Our Rates and Fees

See how much you’ll save by choosing a Sucasa over an expensive LMI loan with another lender

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Loan Features

At Sucasa, we've got everything you need to get the most out of your home loan.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

Run the numbers before you get started, to get an upfront estimate of your borrowing power

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Am I eligible?

Check to see if a sucasa loan is right for you and your circumstances

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How are your rates so low?

We’ve focused on helping borrowers who don’t have a “full” 20% deposit. Banks don’t do this. By building a suite of products designed specifically for our borrowers, we’ve been able to make our loans cheaper and more accessible

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No Worries.

As entrepreneurs, we celebrate business owners who take on the challenge of working for themselves.
If you have your docs ready, Sucasa could be for you.
We can lend to self-employed borrowers who have a strong credit history and are able to demonstrate income via tax returns or financial statements.

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Got Questions?

Chat to our Sydney Based Team

There’s a whole bunch of clever people at Sucasa HQ in Sydney, working to make home loans faster, smarter and simpler. If you need help with your application, our home loan concierge team is ready to chat!

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The Best Way To Buy a Home

Here's how a family earning $250k a year, with $90k in savings would benefit if they purchased their $1.2m Sydney home with Sucasa. The below assume's property prices grow at their rough historical average of 7% p.a. However, even if prices don't grow at all, you'll be much better off with Sucasa. Head over to our calculator to learn more.

Sucasa No Deposit Home Loan

Get into your dream house sooner


Your Home From Day 1

Build Your Wealth Faster

Purchasing with LMI

+ 1 Year 7 Months Longer

+$53K additional cost

Missed $136K in Capital Gains

$195K Worse off

Saving Full Deposit

+ 5 Years 9 Months Longer


Missed $570K in Capital Gains

$675K Worse Off

How Much Can I Borrow?